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Here are some of the comments we have already recieved:

I've just received an email from my friend in Canada re her parcel, she was thrilled by it thank you so much for your help. Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

Ann Marie, West Kilbride

We've just received a tartan cross parcel from our friends in Glasgow - what a fantastic gift! This will be our first Christmas in Italy (we have moved here forgood) and, in spite of all the lovely Italian food goodies on offer, a taste of home is very welcome. Thanks for this fantastic service!

Marie, Italy

My dad got his parcel in Cyprus yesterday and loved it thanks very much.

Stevie, West Lothian

Hi again, just to let you know I found your message on the bottom of the box so I know who to thank. Thank you very much and I think your parcel is wonderful. What a great idea!

Anne, Canada